What is NIGAV Award?

Nigeria Aviation Award
Nigeria Aviation Annual award is a transport development promotion sub-system for social recognition and rewarding of excellence in the aviation and allied industries with the primary objective of building user confidence and promotion of development in the industry.

Nigeria Aviation (NIGAV) Award is part of Nigeria Aviation Conference and Expo and Award event. It is now in its eighth year as the primary independent watch dog of the industry whose programmes inspire best practice and promotes industry excellence.

The Award which is tagged “Nigeria’s Most Prestigious Air Transport Award” has stood as an industry motivating factor for excellence and has helped to engender healthy competition for safer air service delivery and is a promoter of development.

What led to NIGAV Award?
Aviation is an industry that is strongly hinged on customer experience to survive and so must have a good motivational system for rewarding performance and excellence to enable workers and services providers deliver their best. That is what led to the establishment of Nigeria Aviation Development Promotion Award, known as NIGAV award.

How are NIGAV awardees selected?
Selection Process
Over the years the award selection process has continued to improve and we are making it as credible as we can to avoid looking like other awards. It is important to us that our selection process continues to improve while trying to drag competitors into the net.

The earlier process was simply identifying industry players whom we wanted to shine and act as role models of development. This was important for development promotion. At some point we had many briefcase companies who make so much money from the aviation industry through rent seeking without actually adding real value.

The selection process identifies and shuns them and allows even small companies to outshine them. NIGAV award has virtual committee members which means they are not under our payroll as we do not have so much money for sitting allowance but with an electronic platform we can always exchange information. The members are consulted as we proceed through various levels of the planning stage. The first level is to assess industry performance, second level is to assess government direction, policy and programme, third level is to draw up areas of critical development attention, fifth levels is selection of award categories through an online public call. This is to allow the aviation community who are not part of our virtual committee to bring forth suggestions. This is done on our website and the sixth level is the request for nominations into these categories. Then selection is based on nominations, justification and our direct findings.

This information is then conveyed to the selected nominees informing them of the award and asking them to confirm participation in the honouring process.

Can the award be paid for?
Our Award Is Not For Sale
This award is not sold to any one and it is not tied to sponsorship. Participation request, table booking and sponsorship are always left to the participant and how much promotion benefit the participants want to get from their attendance. We have various groups of awards. The recognition award which is the prerogative of the organiser, the contest award which is done on stage and selection based on the audience perception and the general award which is taken from the public nomination and assessed by the committee and communicated to awardees for acceptance.

How Credible is the award?
This selection process is tight and to a great extent credible and has not been faulted.
We accept observations, remarks and contributions and continue to input this into our planning and selection process.

This is why NIGAV is tagged the aviation industry most prestigious award. Ipersonally do not visit anyone to ask then to participate or collect money in advancebefore selection is made.

What is the NIGAV Charity all about?
NIGAV Charity
NIGAV event is used whenever we can to donate money for charity. The money donated is our money. NIGAV 2017 cash donation of N100,000 was made to SOS Children’s Village to support their exemplary humanitarian works. In the future we want this to be a permanent feature of our programmes and we want the public who are interested to support this objective by making donations also directly to the charity organisation such as SOS children village.

You have now crowned the King and Queen of the air what is this about?
King and Queen of Air Contest
We are gradually moving the event to a higher level by including King and Queen of Air Contest to  promote passenger experience through the eye of the air cabin crews. Part of the major highlight of the iconic NIGAV event is the promotion of better passenger experience arising from the conduct of air stewards and stewardesses in the handling of inflight passengers.

This is the first time in the world this has been considered and this event will one day be Nigerian gift to the world. It is interesting and the cabin crew are excited. We did not begin this early enough to allow room for understanding of the intention and the process so many airlines could not participate but I believe the next one will be massive based on the overwhelming interest and commendations received so far. It is not a beauty pageant but a professional job performance contest in a lighter atmosphere.

This contest is open to all Nigerian registered airlines cabin crew and come with a cash reward and the test for wining covers; Smartness, Confidence, Safety Announcement and Passenger Experience Questions.

Please tell us about the NIGAV centre.
NIGAV Centre
This centre is the final phase of the consolidation of NIGAV into an industry brand and leader in aviation SME. We intend to build a permanent edifice for Nigerian Aviation Development Promotion activities called NIGAV International Expo Centre for international trade promotion which is why we have acquired a piece of land by FAAN to be situated at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport to build centre. We are at the final stage of the allocation and have paid all necessary fees.

This is a journey of 10 years that has finally reached its destination with our hope that the present Minister of State for Aviation will do the ground breaking for the edifice. The good thing is it adds direct value to air traffic development. We have already begun the franchising of most regional expo to this gateway. The centre complements the NACHO airport FREE zone development for business meetings.

What is NIGAV Industry Performance Publication?
Nigeria Aviation Industry Review and Outlook is a yearly publication designed to review the industry performance and publish an annual report which will be presented it at the NIGAV event.

The Nigerian aviation industry is said to contribute about $0.7b (N137.9 billion) to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Many of the figures that are circulated are not actually authenticated leading to possible misinformation to both operators and investors.
With increasing passenger traffic that has grown more than 20% since last year and with the new airport terminals coming on board aviation business will boom. So to it is necessary to provide guide that captures all activities in the industry and present a forecast that will enable investors to key in. Therefore at the end of every aviation year this will be made available to all.